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About the company

Tenex is building a high performance, decentralized derivatives exchange. Tenex aims to exceed 100,000 orders per second in production. This is over an order of magnitude improvement on the leading blockchain-based exchanges, which achieve roughly 3,000 TPS. Tenex will deliver web2 experiences (high TPS, low latency, high uptime) while remaining decentralized and non-custodial, properties that are increasingly important in a space plagued by uncertainty and distrust. Tenex is working toward this goal through the use of a novel consensus algorithm that will power the next generation of blockchains. Beyond performance, Tenex will support composability through the use of state proofs, a cryptographic primitive that enables seamless communication between decentralized applications. As a Blockchain Engineer, you will work directly with the founding team to architect and grow the development efforts of Tenex. In this role, you will be tasked with leading technical designs, implementing, and will bear significant ownership in getting Tenex to Mainnet. Who we are The founders of Tenex met while working in the hedge fund industry. There, they saw the old financial system--opaque, full of moats, unfair. When they saw the growth of DeFi in 2020, they felt it was going to be incredibly disruptive. They saw what they believed to be the early stages of a new financial world. Armed with that vision, the team built out the top suite of DeFi applications on a leading Layer 1 blockchain. Now the team is building the exchange that will power the new financial system.

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