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About the company

Stripe builds economic infrastructure for the internet. As the usage of cryptocurrency grows worldwide, it opens up new and exciting avenues for businesses and individuals to transact and create value. Many businesses and users already rely on and trust Stripe. This gives us a massive opportunity to be at the forefront of a new wave of innovation. Stripe was early in supporting the crypto community and helped businesses accept Bitcoin in 2014. Our users need better building blocks to accept payments, move funds, and exchange between fiat and crypto. By focusing on these problems, we aim to build faster, more trustworthy, and higher quality crypto-native experiences. Crypto is a brand new team at Stripe. We’re looking for engineers with prior experience in the cryptocurrency space who are invigorated by the opportunity to bring their existing expertise to benefit Stripe’s users. As a backend engineer on the team, you will be asked to build crypto infrastructure, and build the bridge between Stripe systems and web3 infrastructure.

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