RDX Works

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About the company

Do you enjoy working with autonomy using multiple programming languages (Go, JS, Java, Rust)? Appreciate the challenge of solving different problems every single day? Ready to face challenges of next-level data structures and Byzantine fault tolerance? You’ve come to the right place. You will Focus on integrations with other crypto projects and blockchains ,and get to do all the fun stuff! No turning reams of procedural business logic into code for you! Your days will be filled with hard, interesting problems - thinking through all the ways things can go wrong building those integrations and coming up with solutions which are both elegant and practical - and then turning these into code. You will be tackling consensus and networking problems that often have no perfect answer. You will meddle with dark powers best left untouched, learn more about decentralized systems than you dreamed was possible, and work with an inspiring team of incredible people. You will first come up to speed by getting familiar with our distributed public ledger. Building upon this knowledge, you will venture into new territory, solving the challenges ahead to make the integration with other blockchains possible. From this point forward you will be making new ground right at the cutting edge of distributed network technology, as we embark on a journey towards a novel, massively sharded release which will enable unlimited scale.
RDX Works

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