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About the company

We are looking for a passionate and proactive individual with a strong track record of architecting and swiftly shipping well-tested, well-documented, and elegantly-designed smart contracts. About prePO prePO is a decentralized trading platform that allows anyone anywhere to speculate on the valuation of any private company. Our mission is to democratize pre-public equity - transforming a world of financial exclusion into a world of permissionless access. We’re a fully-remote globally-distributed team of 10, with years of experience at blockchain startups and top tech companies. We’re backed by world-class investors, including the LAO (the world’s largest venture DAO), Apollo Capital, and Maven 11 Capital; founders from leading DeFi protocols including mStable, dHedge, and Alchemix; and many other angels within crypto and fintech. Come join us in our mission to democratize pre-public equity!

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