Penguin Finance

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About the company

Penguin Finance ( is the future of the Avalanche blockchain. We've built some of the most amazing dApps in the space and have achieved many impressive feats in a very short amount of time. We're a team of relaxed but committed individuals from all over the world. We're in México, Colombia, Switzerland, Ho Turkey, Hong Kong, France, the US, and all the 7 continents. All work is remote, but we plan to have optional team meetings to party and have some fun. Given we're a DeFi project with world-class software engineers, incentives are a huge priority for the best performing team members. Expect huge performance bonuses as well as salary increases so long as your performance is outstanding. We're looking for the best react developer in the world. A developer who is both proficient in Solidity as well as Web3.js and other javascript libraries for crypto. You must be able to read, deploy and audit smart contracts in an expert fashion. Experience as a lead developer is a huge plus. We'll also be releasing CryptoPuffies, our own take on dynamically generated NFTs with gamification features. NFT development and frontend integration experience is an absolute plus. You must be able to create and assign tasks to other developers, as well as review pull requests and ensure the codebase is well protected. You will have a considerable role in the development of Penguin Finance's frontend. This means your experience in designing reactive websites with web3 elements is extremely crucial. We are only looking for the best developers in the world. If you have any doubts about your skills, this job is definitely not for you. My name is FrostByte, I'm the Project Manager and Cofounder of Penguin Finance. You can verify my identity on Telegram @pefidev . It will be a pleasure to work with you. Penguins are fierce. We have been working extremely hard and are determined to succeed.
Penguin Finance

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