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About the company

Lykke Corp is a Swiss fintech company. The companies of the group offer blockchain solutions on a B2B and B2P levels. The main product is the Lykke Wallet Cryptocurrency Exchange on the market from 2015. The venue offers truly unique trading conditions since its business model is commission independent. All traders can trade without trading fees (to taker and no maker fees), regardless of the volume they generate. At the same time, the buy-sell spreads are very minor, which make the exchange a true golden mine for high-frequency trading. To trade with cryptocurrency bots, we integrated our trading platform with Margin, a German company providing simple crypto bots. Apart from the favorable trading conditions, Lykke creates a whole trading ecosystem that makes it an all-in-one solution for any crypto trader: - deposit fiat or crypto with 0 fees - trade with limit or market orders with 0 fees - automate your trading strategies by connecting your own bots through our API or by using the Margin integration - store your assets in private or even cold wallets - ask our human support any question any time - withdraw your revenue to your bank or to another crypto venue and - prepare your tax report with the help of our partners.

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