In Technology Group Inc (US)

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About the company

There’s a lot of smoke and mirrors in the blockchain world. It can be a minefield for genuine engineers looking for reliable and genuine career options. This is one of the most secure blockchain engineering opportunities I’ve ever come across and I’m very excited to be working alongside this company. This company… \*\* Pay exceptionally well \*\* Offer equity to their permanent employees \*\* Reserve 25% of all their tokens for their staff \*\* Have some incredible investors & tech partners (Hivemind, Solana, Griffin Gaming, Avalanche, Layer Zero… the list goes on!) They are a genuine player in this space and, as such, are on the hunt for a genuine blockchain security engineer. By the end of the year, they will have hired 5 blockchain security engineers with this position playing the role of Lead/Principal within the team. This project is at ground zero and we’re looking for ‘builders’ – we need someone who’s going to be excited by the prospect of building something from scratch.
In Technology Group Inc (US)

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