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About the company

At GlobaliD, we’re on a mission to give everyone control of their digital identity. We believe it to be a human right and a responsibility. Your identity is the permission to act. It should enable access, trusted communications, and economic activity. GlobaliD’s privacy-preserving Trust Platform empowers anyone to claim their digital identity, get verified, create and join groups, communicate, pay, and get paid online. Developers can leverage GlobaliD’s “Sovereignty Stack” of identity, communications, and money to build the next chapter of the internet. GlobaliD is looking for a backend and mobile Web3 engineer who can help us evolve our decentralized digital identity stack. We are looking for someone who has experience with rapidly evolving blockchain technologies, is eager to work on bridging Web2 and Web3 and is passionate about how the future internet should work. We are a mission driven company which believes that the time for everyone to control their digital identity has come. We are looking for somebody who always prefers a simple solution over a complex one and who can take whole solutions from end to end.

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