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About the company

At Commonwealth Labs, we help launch, grow, and participate in multiple networks. This post is for a portfolio project, the epinonymous Commonwealth Protocol, which helps $1B+ of projects shape how communities discuss, collaborate, and fund new initiatives. We believe in a default open future: where decisions for communities and institutions alike are done transparently, where public goods funding is easily tracked, and anyone can participate in improving their organization. We believe that users and developers that constitute a network should benefit directly from the value they're helping create. Crypto, or blockchain, is the technology that enables this future. Blockchains are public computers that anyone can access, everyone can trust, and no-one can block or take down. The Commonwealth product stack is just starting towards this vision We are looking for product-minded, user experience-driven engineers to join the small and mighty team building and maintaining the Commonwealth Protocol for collaborative crowdfunding. While built for EVM-compatible chains, we see a future in which this is deployed on multiple chains. This protocol is directly integrated the Commonwealth UI, a multi-chain community platform that lets any token holder and any token creator to find their community. Almost all the work we do is open-source, and much of it is on a progressive tech stack developed by some of the best engineers in the world. And we're looking for someone to spearhead the continued development of Commonwealth Protocol. Titles or years of experience don't matter to us – impact, authenticity, and values alignment do. We are now a remote-first team but mostly on ET so time zone alignment helps too :)

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