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About the company

What if you had a chance to build a key piece of software that will set an industry standard for Crypto Companies for the upcoming years and bring blockchain tech to businesses? That’s what we’re doing over at Coinbooks — we’re helping build the financial foundation for Crypto companies. Several enterprises are getting into web 3 and have crypto on their balance sheet. We want to build the compliance layer to bring blockchain to businesses. We’re a seed-stage startup backed by some of the best investors in Silicon Valley and crypto-native investors like Lattice Capital, Multicoin Capital, Seed Club, Founders of Polygon (Sandeep and Jaynti), founder of PleasrDAO, Rarible DAO, OrangeDAO, and a few more amazing angels like Shaan Puri. Here’s a piece about us. If you're applying to this position, you're passionate about startups. You are a fast learner and you can iterate quickly in a fast-paced environment. You have a passion for building things and are not afraid to course-correct based on the core need of the users. Coinbooks will offer you an incredible chance to learn how to go from 0 to 1 and create something big from the ground up. We are looking for someone who loves to close and is not afraid to learn and continue increasing the KPI (users and revenue). Ideally, you are a self-starter, passionate about DeFi, and are not afraid to iterate fast.

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