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About the company

Co:Create is a new web3 protocol that unlocks the potential of NFT communities and ecosystems. We’ve raised a $25M seed round led by a16z crypto to support our mission: Empowering NFT projects to “go beyond the drop.” Co:Create is the first-and-only protocol that provides the infrastructure for NFT projects to scale their digital ecosystem through native tokens. Our technology is new and has no direct competitor in it’s configuration, so we need to articulate a clear need for our target customers. This role is a crucial part of how we will communicate that to the market – with Twitter playing such a central role in Web3. We are looking for a content and social marketing manager who has a deep understanding of Web3, with strong relationships in the space to help us connect with our core clients. You will craft compelling, on-brand, narratives across content and social and be able to rise above the skeptics and naysayers, and the challenges of a bear market.

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