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About the company

We need people who can help us build our main web app that all our users interact with. Examples of stuff you might be working on: Build on top of our “learner” product that's 1000s of people today are already using to jump into web3. We’d love to add more multiplayer features — like being able to see other people working on the same project at the same time or being able to connect with other learners who may want to partner up and learn together. Create our “web3 board” where companies that use us today (like OpenSea or Uniswap) can post jobs/contract work and then easily have people from the buildspace network easily apply — web3 needs a way for people to easily find work. Build our in-app messaging system companies can use to communicate with members of the buildspace network — this would feel sort of like LinkedIn, but focused on web3. We already have 1000s of profiles on buildspace and want to build out our “search the network” feature where users can browse and search through other people’s profiles to make new connections in web3 — sorta like AngeList but with more cryptonative signals (ex. when user made a transaction on mainnet last, a user’s NFT collection, a user’s web3 project, etc). Our stack is pretty straightforward: React, AWS Lambda, and DynamoDB. Massive bonus if you know Dynamo.

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