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About the company

It’s not very often that a new asset class is born. Nevertheless, we’re witnessing exactly that with the rise of crypto taking place right now, as we speak, in the age of the internet. Over just the last 4 years, crypto has evolved from an embryonic $50B market, to a young but growing $1T+ today. At Bitwise, we believe that crypto has reached a turning point, and is headed north of $10T over the next few years. Along the way, we expect there to continue to be risks, and pitfalls, and uncertainty — much like the rise of the Web, and cloud, and apps before — but also great opportunity, and millions of people increasingly wanting to participate. Our goal at Bitwise, is to help busy, mainstream investors understand and access the opportunities emerging in the new cryptocurrency asset class. We want all those who so desire to be able to come along for the ride, and be able to benefit from the role crypto exposures can play in pursuing their investment objectives. Today, Bitwise is at an exciting moment as a firm. We manage over $1B and are growing quickly, with the largest crypto index fund in the world (ticker: BITW) and a lot more coming. We focus on serving investment professionals—financial advisors, family offices, hedge funds, endowments, foundations, and others—the people entrusted to look after the capital and savings of individuals and institutions across the country. We provide education, partnership, and professionally-managed investment products tailored to this group’s needs, to help them build their view, pick their strategy, and get their exposure. Currently, Bitwise is a close knit team of 40 amazing humans. Our backgrounds combine technology expertise with decades of experience in software and asset management — coming from firms including Facebook, Google, Wealthfront, BlackRock, J.P. Morgan, IndexIQ, and We’re backed by some of the most accomplished investors in venture, and veterans of the financial services world. We love working together, we love what we do, and we’re excited about what’s ahead. We’re looking for an exceptional individual to join the team to help Bitwise scale and our clients succeed. As Bitwise’s next software engineer, you’ll be able to have a major impact from day one, within our small, yet quickly growing business. The products and systems you build will touch all parts of the organization — from investor relations, to trading, to research and more. You’ll have the opportunity to understand our business deeply by directly engaging with all of its components, which is rare. You’ll get to use new tools, frameworks, and languages, and can introduce others along the way. You need not worry about bureaucracy at Bitwise — there’s no endless meetings or politics; we pride ourselves on moving fast and being nimble. We’re a tight knit, multi-disciplinary team and you’ll be on the ground floor of what we’re building. You’ll also have the opportunity to learn a lot about crypto along the way. Bitwise is in a unique position where we can exert influence and shape the direction of innovation in the crypto space. We want our engineering team to know the ins and outs about the latest developments in crypto so that we can have an informed opinion as a company and directly participate through avenues like governance, research, and education.

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