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About the company

Axion is building the first blockchain SDK for web scale decentralized applications. Big Problems in Web3 we are solving: TPS limitations that inhibit the progress of innovative new applications. Bridge insecurity which restricts cross-chain interoperability. Existing DeFi infra is insufficient for decentralized price discovery. Axion reduces TPS limitations through novel infrastructure that enables the production of application specific blockchains which exceed 100,000 transactions per second. Moreover, Axion reduces bridging issues through seamless cross-chain communication powered by built-in state proof support. Lastly, the Axion hub scales DeFi by operating the first order book based decentralized exchange that is capable of high throughput. As a Blockchain Engineer, you will work directly with the founding team to architect and grow the development efforts for the Axion hub. In this role, you will be tasked leading technical designs, implementing, and will bear significant ownership in getting the Axion to mainnet.

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