ATO Platform℠

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About the company

ATO Platform is an art asset management solution pioneering the next era of the art industry – in physical and digital marketplaces. Built on Polkadot parachains Moonriver and Moonbeam, ATO Platform collects royalties for fine artists via its proprietary game theory model, promotes pricing transparency, and prevents counterfeits. We're developing a first-of-its kind ecosystem that tracks physical (and digital) art on the blockchain, and will eventually introduce a native currency and social rewards token. ATO is a novel art sales validation protocol via crowd consensus, tested with finance industry best practices. We're looking for an experienced blockchain developer to join full-time and lead the execution of our roadmap, launching our app on a live Polkadot Parachain (Moonriver or Moonbeam) and to begin to build out a supporting team, in partnership with our CTO. Our Ideal Candidate Multiple years of experience developing DApps, 1 Year or more experience with Substrate development. Experience building Proof of Authority, Experience building Proof of Stake, Understanding of Polkadot, Moonriver, Moonbeam, and Kusama protocols Experience with council modules. Understanding of tokenomics & ecosystem structuring. Experience developing in Rust. Fluent in English, strong communication skills, Team player. Knowledge of art and the art market is a plus, willingness to learn about the art market is essential.
ATO Platform℠

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