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About the company

We are looking for a strong full stack engineer to help build our product at Algofi. You have a passion for engineering scaleable applications. You are willing to get your hands dirty today to build the product, but you are ready to grow into a leadership role as the company quickly grows. You take painstaking efforts to build world-class user experiences. You have experience developing products (e.g. web/mobile apps, desktop apps) and communicating across an array of technical levels. You are capable of designing best in class architecture with React+Redux and you are willing to build a web page according to a wireframe spec. You are ready to adjust your toolkit and to learn the nuances of Web 3.0 - where your backend is the blockchain. Why join us? As the leading product engineer, you will play a very important role in product development at Algofi. Your work will be instrumental in making the new financial system accessible to all. Scroll to the bottom of the page to learn more about Algofi.

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